Our climate is changing aggressively with every passing year. And, it has become more difficult than it was ever before, to maintain a moderate indoor temperature without the heating & cooling appliances. But does installing HVAC appliances is all that counts to make your indoors comfortably cool/warm. If your answer is yes, you are unfortunately, wrong. Installation of the HVAC appliances is not the only factor. When it comes to make the indoors comfy, the equation has become more complex than it ever was, owing to the growing competition in the field of HVAC, the changing climates; as said above and the plentiful services that are being offered. A completely comfortable home regardless of seasons is dependent on;

● The product/appliance that is chosen; reliable the brand, better the comfort
● Compatibility of the appliance/s with yours and your home’s particular needs
● Proper (and of course, professional) installation of the appliance
● Location of the appliance
● The HVAC practices that are practiced by the homeowners So, as a homeowner, how difficult do you find it to consider all these factors when purchasing, installing and maintaining the HVAC appliances? And how successfully do you figure out whether or not a particular unit is compatible with your home? Well, on factual grounds, most homeowners end up choosing the wrong brands by connecting with unreliable dealers and end up selecting the wrong servicemen for installation. A compromised quality appliance and an unprofessional installation already takes away 40% if not 50% of the efficiency that is otherwise expected. But…this won’t happen anymore! And here’s why;

Reliable, affordable and always available HVAC service in your vicinity!

We, the Cosmopolitan Heating Services are here to provide;
- Reliable and top notch HVAC brands with amazing warranties
- Professional installation via NATE and TSSA certified techs
- Affordable annual (and on request) maintenance services
- Repair and replacement services
- Relocation services

for almost all HVAC appliances including Furnaces, Water Heaters, Boilers, Air Cleaners, HRV Systems, Central/Split Air Conditioners, Thermostats, Fireplaces and others.

Why choose us?

There are more than many reasons why we deserve to be your priority retailer and priority service. Here we mention some;

- We are a certified dealer of several top notch HVAC brands; including Dave Lennox
- We have won Lennox circle of excellence award
- We have an experience of over 15 years in the field of HVAC
- Our techs are NATE and TSSA certified
- Our services are prompt in response and affordable in range to come in all different budgets
- And most importantly, for us; your home is our home! We serve! We love! We ensure comfort is yours

Combat the weather changes and make your home absolutely comfortable regardless of the changing climates; always!

Call today for HVAC appliances purchase, services or consultation. We are available 24/7

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