Are you okay with eating dirty food? Or can you tolerate a filthy drink? For sure not. Then why are you okay with breathing polluted air which is both dirty and filthy? You might say as an answer to this question that your air is clean. Unfortunately, as you and many other people assume, it is not. The air around us that apparently seems clean has contaminants to the extent that every single day an individual breaths in millions of air contaminants that go…straight to his lungs. So, what to do? How to make sure the air around you is clean? How to raise the quality of indoor air? And how to reduce the possibilities of airborne diseases? The solution to all this is simple. Here it is;

What do Air Cleaners do?

Wonders of technology have made it possible for us, the humans of the second millennium to find and trap even the unseen contaminants. Air Cleaners do this job. A standing ovation for them please! Air Cleaners of varying capacities and qualities have the tendency to trap contaminants like dust, bacteria, odor, smoke, pet dander, pollen, viruses, VOC’s and others that contribute in polluting the indoor air hence making it as harmful as the outdoor air and often times even more. Air Cleaners suck in indoor air and make it pass through them. The filters (electrostatic or simple) trap the pollutants and make them stick to the walls of filters (a similar job like the stainer). This process filters the air and lets the cleaned air spread into the space. This repeats and eventually you breathe and feel as if you’re breathing the cleanest air from the greenest garden.

Did you know that on average a Canadian homeowner spends 80% of his lifetime in the indoor? This suggests that making the indoor cleaner and healthier is really a matter of concern. And we can conclude how important it is by the constantly rising graph of the diseases caused by air pollution. So whether you are a healthy homeowner or one having respiratory issues, installation of an Air Cleaner is a promising solution to make both you and your home better, fresher and of course healthier.

How to choose the right unit?

 If you’re on a hunt of purchasing an Air Cleaner but aren’t sure which one to buy and where to buy, we can help you out. Regarding choosing the unit, consider the following tips;

- Consider your space requirements. If you are looking for treating a small area only, check out portable air cleaners, otherwise, a whole-home air cleaner can do the job for you - Air Cleaners come in varying varieties and ranges. Several models are designed for a particular purpose, like the Smoke Air Cleaners are meant for homes where there are smokers. Look for what your particular need is; you are looking for an allergy/asthma Air Cleaner, a chemical Air Cleaner or an all purpose HEPA Filter Air Cleaner

- The purifying capacities of cleaners vary as well. The more the efficiency the greater the price. So make sure you don’t end up purchasing a very expensive unit when a low or medium quality model can easily do the job for you

- And here’s a very important tip; be very sure that the unit you choose is the unit compatible with your HVAC system. Often times, latest products are not compatible with old systems. Confirm this before purchase. Consulting an HVAC professional can resolve your concern.

The tip time is over. Now let us discuss where you can find the most reliable dealers and the most durable brands. We, at Cosmopolitan Heating Services deal with all products HVAC and all services HVAC. So yes, we do carry Air Cleaners of renowned brands including Lennox and GeneralAire. We not only sell, we install, maintain, diagnose, repair and replace almost all brands of Air Cleaners.

Your quest to breathe fresh, buy reliable and buy from trustworthy is over. Let us give your home a garden fresh feel. Connect today; 1-855- 245-4328


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