One reason that makes Boilers a favorite of many is its ability to provide for two home comfort needs; One; hot water, other;  warm air. This helps save energy while also help save maintenance, repair and replacement of two appliances separately. You have to keep your focus on Boiler for warm air as well as for hot water. But there’s more that the Boilers offer. Let us help you discover why Boiler has the potential to stand as priority HVAC appliance and why do several Canadian homeowners rely on it for their home and water heating needs;

What makes Boilers special? 

●How much space would a heater and a water heater would take? Quite much and more than a single Boiler in any case. Boiler being a small to accommodate appliance is a good match for homes that have space issues. They tend to be cost effective as well 
●The conventional heating systems have many moving parts. Boilers, contrary to that, have a few moving part mechanisms involved which makes them less vulnerable to wear and tear 
●Boilers warm the air by steam mechanism. This automatically humidifies the air so you are less likely to install a separate appliance to serve the purpose of humidification 
●The Furnace circulates the same air again and again in the home which often becomes the cause of unhealthy indoor air when the duct systems through which the air is circulated are not cleaned on regular basis. With Boilers, neither you have to worry about installing a duct work nor about maintaining it; just let the fresh steam boil your home. Every time, it’s a fresh steam. Kill three birds with one arrow; hot water, warm air, leveled humidity 
●Boilers aren’t noisy. Despite offering multiple comforts, they are always quieter, always reliable and always affordable.

Purchase the right brand from the right retailer 

We say it time and again that choosing a compatible appliance and a renowned brand isn’t enough. What ensures that your appliance will actually serve you with the best possible efficiency and would last longer is; choosing a trustworthy retailer 


Installing the appliance without any loopholes; professional installation! 

And we, the Cosmopolitan Heating Services are here to resolve both these concerns of yours. We carry top notch brands; offer exclusively affordable rates and provide ultimately professional installation services. Our always brilliant Boiler kids are; Lennox, Slant/Fin, Weil Mclain, Viessmann and others. 

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