Bradford White High Efficiency Water Heater

Bradford White

Defender Safety System High Input Direct Vent Models

Brand :
Bradford White

High-Input Direct Vent (DH) water heaters offer greater recovery capabilities, larger gallon capacities and side connections for space heating. These too utilize a co-axial (pipe inside a pipe) venting system. No electricity required.

  • Bradford White ICON System™ Feature
  • - Enhanced Performance
    - Advanced Temperature Control System
    - Intelligent Diagnostics
    - Pilot On Indication
    - Green LED
    - Separate Immersed Thermowell
  • Standard Features
  • - ¾" NPT factory installed dielectric waterway fittings
    - Co-axial rotational venting
    - ¾" NPT side tappings for space heating
    - Optional Solid Vent Kit allows up to 8' horizontal and 8' vertical venting
    - Factory Installed Hydrojet® Total Performance System
    - Vitraglas® lining
    - Optional flexible vent kit
    - Cast aluminum air intake boot
    - Protective magnesium anode rod
    - T&P valve Included
    - Brass drain valve
    - Reinforced seals
    - Closed Combustion
    - 1" Non-CFC foam insulation