Carrier Programmable Thermostats

Performance™Edge® Touch-N-Go® Thermostat

Performance Edge Non-Programmable Thermostat TP-NHP

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This versatile and beautiful Edge thermostat can manage any Performance™ or Comfort™series system. Its slim, wall-hugging design1 gives you up to seven faceplate color options so you can customize your look.

It allows simple, Touch-N-Go programming for one-button, energy-saving, quick settings when you're on the go or ready for sleep. It's capable of managing temperatures, ventilation, airflow and indoor air quality. This model is configured for systems using a heat pump for cooling and seasonal heating.

  • Standard Features
  • - Intuitive, on-screen prompts
    - One-button Touch-N-Go quick-settings-change feature
    - Large, illuminated display shows inside and outside1 temperatures and time
    - Comes with attractive silver faceplate
    - Intelligent, heating- and cooling-comfort staging capable
    - Auto changeover between heating and cooling
    - Ventilation management capable
    - Timed filter and UV lamp replacement reminders
    - 10-year parts limited warranty2
  • - Individual faceplate options in gold luster, saddlebrush, onyx, espresso, natural grain and quartz colors
    - Wall hugging profile achieved when equipment control module portion of the thermostat is mounted to the furnace or fan coil
    - Application of remote sensor to feed information to the main control from a different location
    - Outside air temperature sensor
  • - Excellent temperature management with intelligent system staging1
    - Ventilation management capable
    - Controls system airflow
    - Permanent system settings and 9-hour clock setting retention in case of power failure
  • - One-button Touch-N-Go feature settings for home, away, and sleep
    - Simple system connection allows use with older Carrier system components
    - Designed for system applications where a heat pump is providing cooling and seasonal heating
  • - Battery free
    - Powered by connection to major system components
  • - Sleek, functional design
    - Large, backlit LCD display
    - Dimensions: 5.2"H x 5.2"W x .9-1.3"D
    - Silver faceplate included
    - Optional: choice of gold luster, saddlebrush, onyx, espresso, natural grain or quartz faceplate colors