Duct Cleaning

If you are a homeowner who loves whole home heating and cooling, you must also have a ductwork installed at your home. But, with that ductwork installed, do you also love cleaning? Did you know that Ductwork dust can become the primary reason of bad indoor air quality? And not only that, it can also cause health hazards particularly for people who are already suffering from respiratory problems.

There’s a common myth about the ductwork and that’s says; Duct Cleaning is not important. The dust remains in the ductwork and doesn’t come out as there are filters installed at the supply vents as well as the return vents. But the truth is; Dust of the Ductwork does come out. When the vents are opened to clean the filters, the dust finds its way out. Also, when the filters get overly dirty, they fail to trap the pollutants and as a result, the dust remains in the environment and affect the overall indoor quality. Moreover, not all people use very efficient ductwork filters. The filters commonly used are of low-quality that do not trap most of the pollutants. And then, don’t forget that there’s Duct leaking phenomenon too that can take place anytime and can fill your entire home with ghosts of dust and debris. A dirty duct becomes home to mites, mold and other bacteria that then crawl into your home.

All these reasons necessitate the cleaning of the Ductwork and tell enough why Duct Cleaning really matters. The suggested must cleaning time is; at least once a year.

Where to find authentic Duct Cleaning Service?

There are dozens of services in Toronto that claim to offer Duct Cleaning services but mind you! There are many that are hoaxes and many other that are uncertified. Risking your home to unauthentic service would mean turning your home into a dust pile. And once you get that dust infiltration, it will hardly go away. So to make things easy, affordable and reliable for you, we, Cosmopolitan Heating Services Inc. offer certified and professional Duct Cleaning Services throughout Toronto and in several other GTA areas. When we perform our duties, we have one thing on mind; your home is our home and so we treat it with as utmost care as we treat ours.

Feeling like dust is going into your lungs? Realizing you haven’t had a Duct Cleaning session in years? Planning to connect with a pro to serve? Connect here! We clean your Ductwork. We make it look as if it is just installed.


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