The history of air conditioning is probably as old as the history of mankind himself, it is although another things that the methods were different back then hundreds and thousands of years ago and they are different today. Nonetheless, it is evident from the study of history that human beings have always wanted to make their abodes comfortable and cozy and have always tried to combat climate changes with whatever ways they had explored at that time. Modern Air Conditioning is not only a method of indoor cooling it is also a story of man’s efforts and the achievements that he has made in making his living a better than before place.

Ductless Air Conditioner – An effective, efficient and elegant appliance

Ductless is one of the latest AC technologies and that too has improved significantly over the past decade. There are several reasons that bring the ductless system additional points to make it a preferred home cooling appliance. Here are a few;

● Ductless AC saves energy by taking the ‘’loss of cooling in ductwork’’ out of the equation

● It is the most suitable home cooling method for people living in congested areas and those who don’t have the ductwork installed. Also, for those who keep changing places

● Ductless systems are easy to install and easy to replace and relocate

● Multiple indoor units can be installed at different indoor locations with a single outdoor unit

● One of the reasons that make ductless better than the Central Air Conditioners is that it can resolve the issue of different temperature needs of the members. Everyone can have the temperature of his own choice in his room

● Some latest models of Ductless Air Conditioners use the Heat Pump technology and thus can be used as cooling as well as heating the indoors

● Manufacturers like the mighty L.G are offering Air Conditioners with features that not only cool the air but also clean it with latest technology filters

● Ductless are quiet in operation and are relatively more eco-friendly

● Installing an energy efficient ductless system can help reduce energy bills up to 15%


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Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless Air Conditioner


Ductless Air Conditioner