Honeywell Programmable Thermostats


Lyric Thermostat

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You're in. You're out. You're all over the place, even when you're home. Lyric uses your smartphone to know when you're away, and can save you energy.

  • Comfort. Savings. Life. Perfectly in tune.
  • - App based install – Everything from install to Wi-Fi connection happens in four easy steps using the mobile app – no manual necessary
    - Geofencing uses a homeowner’s smartphone location to automatically save energy when they’re away and ensure comfort when they return home
    - The Smart Cues feature delivers messages to a homeowner’s mobile device to alert of upcoming filter changes or extreme temperatures
    - The Fine Tune feature considers both humidity and temperature to adjust the setting so that a homeowner’s desired temperature always feels the same.
    - Shortcuts are buttons on the app interface that can be customized for quick changes of temperature settings for specific purposes. This allows homeowner’s to change settings with one touch.
    - Does not work with electric baseboard heat (110 V or higher)
    - Compatible with most other heating, cooling and heat pump systems
    - Optional 24 VAC power (“C” wire)