Honeywell Programmable Thermostats


5-2 Day Programmable Line Volt RLV4300A Thermostat

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Backlit display. Accurate temperature control.For use with electric heat (240V), max 3.000W

  • - Separate Programming for the Weekdays and Weekend - Up to 4 program periods per day
    - High Capacity Electronic Thermostat (up to 3,000W on 240V)
    - Fast, easy two-wire installation
    - Backlit Display - Easy to read even in dimly lit rooms and hallways
    - Memory Setting Retention - Retains settings memory in the event of a power outage
    - TRIAC silent switching for accurate temperature control
    - Available in Canada only
    - Compatible with electric baseboard heat (240V), convectors, radiant ceilings and fan-forced heater
    - 1-Year Warranty