As the winter begins, the air starts becoming drier and drier. And as the season goes towards more extreme there’s only a limited amount of moisture left in the atmosphere that fails to suffice for the moisture need that we have. On average, 30% - 40% moisture has to be present in the air for us to breathe easily. As the humidity level changes in the air with the change of seasons, appliances are used to maintain humidity. For causing moisture; Humidifiers and for reducing unnecessary moisture; Dehumidifiers. Humidifiers offer a number of benefits in addition to providing a comfortably breathable air;

 ● Loss of moisture causes static electricity that is often times overly irritating. Humidifiers combat this consequence

● Humidifiers work as moisturizer for skin and protect from skin or eye dryness

● Dryness in the air can be very problematic for people with breathing issues as that of sinus or asthma. Humidifiers best resolve this concern

● In addition to offering health and well being benefits, the moisture level that the humidifying units maintain protect the interiors, wall decors, wooden furniture etc from damage. As otherwise in case of dry air, they begin to peel off

● Humidifiers help keep the indoors warm by keeping warm moisture in the air

Humidifiers – How to choose and where to purchase?

There are several Humidifier types in the market each designed for different needs. For example; Steam Humidifiers, Ultrasonic Humidifiers, Fan Powered Humidifiers, Evaporative Humidifiers and others.Different people have different needs and so do different homes. In order to decide what would work best for you, there are two ways; one is to make a deep research about different models and the features that they offer. Compare and contrast them with your requirements. Or, in order to save time and make a better and reliable decision, contact an HVAC professional and discuss your needs and requirements so that he might suggest you a unit to best suit and suffice for your needs.

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