John Wood High Efficiency Water Heaters

John Wood

Atmospheric Vent Standard Gas Water Heaters

Brand :
John Wood

John Wood® offers a complete line of residential atmospheric vent natural gas and propane water heaters that feature the Flame Guard® Safety System. These heaters offer an upgraded gas valve that provides ease of diagnostics combined with a robust thermopile design providing the customer piece of mind for the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Features
    Designed for Performance
    - Turbulator dip tube reduces sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank
    - Thermopile design provides robust pilot to withstand down drafts and environmental conditions
    LED indicator:
    - gives visual confirmation that pilot is on by flashing continuously
    - provides diagnostics and troubleshooting
    - Easy temperature adjustments
    - Robust 1/4” pilot tubing
    - Glass lined tank provides superior protection against corrosion

    Safety Features
    - The Flame Guard Safety System protects the homeowner by trapping burning vapours within the water heater’s combustion chamber through the exclusive “Flame Trap”

    - Combustion chamber is easy to access
    - Conveniently located T&P and drain valve for ease of installation and serviceability
    - Piezoelectric ignitor allows for lighting of the pilot without matches
    - Top mounted heavy duty anode rod for added tank protection