Slantfin High Efficiency Gas Boiler


Sentry Gas Boiler

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The Most Advanced Natural Draft Gas Boiler
Sentry is ideal for a wide variety of gas boiler requirements, as a replacement or for new installations. Its advanced design provides years of trouble-free, high efficiency operation while providing easy installation, even in sites with low chimney connections or low overhead clearance.

- Input: Models 34,000 to 150,000 Btu/Hr
- Intermittent ignition
- Saves energy. AFUE to 84.4%
- Models with integral draft hood fit sites with clearance as low as 38-1/2"s
  • Low Profile Makes Problem Installations Easy
  • The Sentry Boiler fits into replacement sites with low chimney breeching or low overhead clearance. Sentry models have an integral draft diverter and do not require a seperate draft hood. Chimney vent connections heights begin at 38-1/2", nearly a foot and a half lower than typical natural draft boilers.

    Sentry's low profile permits installation in sites with low chimney breeching or low overhead clearance.
  • Advanced Natural Draft Design Promises Efficiency & Reliability
  • An advanced design heat exchanger permits Sentry to operate with high efficiency using simple, dependable natural draft technology. Sentry operates with efficiencies up to 84.4% AFUE. The flue passage design, thermal pin pattern and consistent wall thickness of Sentry's cast-iron heat exchanger sections ensure uniform heat transfer with less thermal strain and metal fatigue. Slant/Fin uses only reliable metal push nipple to connect individual sections. All models included a reliable, heavy duty motorized vent damper to maximize efficiency.