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“  As everyone knows that money is tight right now, but there are some things we can’t do without. We had just moved into a 60-year old house and knew the furnace system was lacking according to the previous owner. He had considered changing the old furnace for a cheap bottom-of-the line one, but he had held back considering he was thinking of selling. We are glad he didn’t go ahead with his plan as we discovered later from talking with the folks at Cosmopolitan that we probably would have been lucky to get 3-4 years out of the cheap one he could have purchased. In addition there was some ductwork changes that were required which Arshad pointed out would have caused problems if not done right the first time. All in all, we, like so many others were completely satisfied with everything Cosmopolitan did for us and recommend them to anyone needing a new furnace or anything else for that matter.  ”

Kenneth J. Chrisman

“  This is my second time around using Cosmopolitan Mechanical , I'm very satisfied once again with the service provided by this company . I would like to thank the sales rep E.J who I dealt with this time and the installer Fred , excellent work you guys . They even returned my water heater for me free of charge , I returned it myself last time , I totally recommend Cosmopolitan Mechanical !!!! There I was no other choice for me , keep up the good work you guy.  ”


“  Its been two years our furnace has been giving us problem. This year we decided to replace the furnace. We met cosmopolitan mechanical representative at the mall. He came to our house and gave us a very competitive price. After the installation can say that there worker are professional.  ”


“  We have been using old oil furnace for last 35 years. Hike in oil price forced us to swith our system to naturl gas. We went to one of cosmopolitan display location and called them for the estimate. Cosmopolitan Sales person EJ came to our house on the same day and Gave us a very good price. We went wich cosmopolitan. After the job we would say that they did a very nice job at our house. We are realy happy with there services.  ”


“  It was a great experience dealing with cosmopolitan mechanical services inc. the job was done on time. All the concern was addressed in a professional manner. I would say cosmopolitan mechanical people are very nice and professional. we would definitely recommend them.  ”

North york

“  It is really difficult to find a right contractor for doing any work. Previously we had a bad experience with many contractors. However, after doing business with cosmopolitan we can say that they are reliable. They installed furnace last years at our house. After the installation we had some questions regarding the new furnace. So we call the company. After our call cosmopolitan advisor EJ came to our house again and answered all our questions. In our opinion cosmopolitan deserve a recommendation from us. We would say use this company for all yours heating and cooling needs and you will find them professional by yourself.  ”


“  I Would definitely recommend Arshad and Dave from cosmopolitan Mechanial Services for furnace installation work. They did what they said before the installation. After the installation there service was also great. Thanks for doing such a good job guys.  ”

Zahoor khan

“  Top class is how I would rate Cosmopolitan Heating . I called them one afternoon because of all the good reviews they have on homestars and it seems everyone likes their customer service. They did not disappoint me. The crew arrived on the same day I had signed my contract and they got to work right away to installing my new furnace. They were done in a very short while and went over everything they did. I am very pleased with salesperson, technician Dave and his crew for their service.  ”

Mandy Kentner

“  It is very very difficult for a single mom to work and manage household stuff and deal with the people who trys to rip you off and take advantage of you., I am Sincerly very thankful to Cosmopolitan Mechanical to solve my problem in two visits., for which people from different companies including direct energy suggesting me to change the furnace, there honestly save me from these crooks. I highly recommend Cosmopolitan.  ”


“  Overall, service was great. The job was very complex and there were few errors and the contractors were always friendly. Difficult to schedule, however, and they often stayed very late. Understandable because it was such a large job, but it was often difficult to get a clear schedule of work. That aside, I would recommend Cosmopolitan to anyone needing HVAC services in the future.  ”

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