In the late 20 th century when home comfort heating and cooling solutions paced up towards advancement, a new concern raised and that was of; how to efficiently control the temperature since heating & cooling was not the only concern; controlling the warmth and cold and maintaining a desirable indoor temperature was the primary objective. To resolve this, HVAC Thermostat came up. A device that is used to control the indoor temperature in order to keep it moderate.

From Mercury Thermostats to Smart Thermostats

The advancement in Thermostat technology has a long story. It began from Mercury Thermostats (rare now) and took a long journey from Digital Thermostats to Wi-Fi Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats and others. And today, what we have as the latest form of Thermostats are the Smart Thermostats. These Thermostats are extraordinarily accurate that operate by sensing the outdoor as well as the indoor temperature. Some models can perform weather forecasting as well. HVAC appliances like the Air Conditioner, Furnace, Humidifier etc. can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The smart sensors turn automatically on/off as you enter or leave the territory of your home place. And the most interesting feature is; different zones of the home can be treated with different temperatures.

Which Thermostat to choose?

Here’s an important point that many homeowners miss to consider. And that is of the compatibility of Thermostat with the HVAC system. Not all Thermostats are meant to suit all type of HVAC systems. And then the location matters, the architecture of the house matters, the wiring matters. So before you end up purchasing a costly unit that won’t fit with your system later, make sure you gather the much needed information. It is always suggested to consult an HVAC professional before finalizing any purchases

, particularly when they require a hefty budget.

Purchase top notch Thermostats

If you are in search of quality Thermostats and wonder which one to purchase, we can help you out with your quest. At Cosmopolitan Heating, we sell, install, maintain, repair, diagnose and replace Thermostats of renowned brands including Lennox, Carrier, Amana, Honeywell, White Rodgers and others. Our highest concerns are; you get the right product and the perfect installation. Call today; 1-855-245- 4328









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