York High Efficiency Furnace


TM9Y York High Efficiency Furnace

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ENERGY STAR® qualifying efficiency up to 96% AFUE provides more heat for less money. Two-stage burner adjusts heat levels to match your comfort level. Compact 33-inch height fits the space in your place. Standard high efficiency ECM fan motor ensures dependable air distribution.

  • FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH OUR MOST COMPACT GAS FURNACE DESIGN. - Two-stage burner and standard high efficiency ECM fan motor adjust heating level to match the degree of comfort you need.
    - Durable, low-leakage cabinet ensures warm air goes where it’s needed, quietly and efficiently.
    - Fits comfortably in your home with compact 33-inch cabinet height.
    - Eliminates need for chimney venting with induced combustion design.
    SAVE ENERGY WITH ONE OF OUR HIGHEST EFFICIENCY RATINGS. - Cut fuel costs nearly 37% compared to old 60% AFUE models.
    - Two-stage burner design adjusts heating level to minimize gas consumption.
    - Extracts more heat from less gas with efficient condensing design.
    INDUSTRY-LEADING RESEARCH AND TESTING ENSURE RELIABILITY. - Count on rugged tubular aluminized steel primary heat exchanger backed by industry-leading warranty.
    - Feel extra safe with 100% shut-off main gas valve.
    - Get reliable silicon nitride hot surface heat ignition.
    - Complete Assurance™ Warranty Pledge: If the heat exchanger fails within 5 years of installation, we provide optional furnace replacement in lieu of heat exchanger equipment.